Garlic Onion Rice

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When #Auckland weather wasn’t deciding between the rain and sun, “yeah/nah“…. sweet! 
oh hell yea I knew what I should be putting on my lunch plate. #fodnichebhaat …Superbly spicy, garlicky,onion but no garam masala just #mymix of #cumincorianderpowder 
Recipe :—-
Preprep= ◆finely chop 10 cloves garlic◆ not too fine cut 2 large red onions, ◆2 fine chop green chillies,◆ 1/4th cup fine chopped cilantro/coriander
●in wok add 3 tbsp. Oil of choice.HEAT.
●1tsp each of whole Cumin & Mustard . Let splutter.
●add 3 pinches asafoetida. (Optional) but it has its own value addition
●add finely chopped garlic & green chillies. lightly brown
●add chopped onions. 
●keep stirring till light brown.
●add 1 tsp. Turmeric
●add #mymix #cumincoriander powder
●add 2-3 tsp. Red chilli powder or to taste(. But this is the king in the flavour here)
●add chopped coriander
●Mix well
●add pre-cooked/#leftover 2-3 cups #rice
●add salt to taste
●mix well
●cover and let it work on its flavours for a good 3-4 minutes on LowHeat.
●uncover, mix, adjust taste if required,
●serve right away, let it do the sizzle s in your mouth.
Enjoy this simple , super spicy uncomplicated flavours of #fodnichebhaat
(Btw feel free to leave a message through my contact form or dm me on Instagram if you desire to obtain #mymix #cumincorianderpiwder)