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Like any Home Maker my journey for my kitchen has been and still is about watching, learning and absorbing various food channels, reading good cook books and emulating our great Chefs. My aim is to solve the most dreaded question, “what shall I make today?” The recipe that would be Lunch Box friendly shall carry a photograph of the Lunch Box that I pack from my kitchen. I am bringing to you a pictorial tutorial which shall not only ease the cooking process but inspire hubbies and growing kids to enter the kitchen and not only experiment but also make cooking an enjoyable FAMILY experience. I have shortened or even simplified Grand Mom’s recipes to suit a novice, bachelor or a “short on time” kitchen. The recipes are traditional yet contemporary, tasteful enough to be cooked for every single meal, after every single tired day, for pleasure or on leisure days.



Muthiyas are steamed flour and grated vegetable dumplings. They can be made by combining several flours of your choice but the base flour must be wheat.
In combination with wheat flour, I combine Bajri / Pearl Millet flour, Maize, Wheat Bran, Burgul / Ghau Fada

Green Chutney

This is an excellent accompaniment with a sandwich or any of the One dish meals like muthiyas.